Interactive tools, updated daily

NBA Calendar
A tool to analyze strength of schedule. This app uses a model that incorporates team strength, game location, rest days, and altitude, and it provides tabular, dashboard, and calendar options to explore the data.
True Shooting
Enhancing traditional shot charts with free throws. This app allows you to examine field goal attempts, shooting fouls, and non-shooting fouls by zone for players, teams, and lineups – both on offense and on defense.
Playing Time
Visualizing team rotations and substitution patterns. This app displays the frequency with which players appear in each minute of a game, and they can be sorted by total playing time, games started, or variations thereof.
WNBA Dashboard
Advanced statistics spanning league history. This app includes the “Estimated Contribution” player metric; team-level data broken down by start of possession and other contexts; and on/off tools for in-depth lineup analyses.